Spring Cleaning of the Soul

Spring cleaning. It’s that time of year when garage doors open, rakes come out, closets get decluttered, and floors are polished to a sparkling shine… well, in theory, anyway! It would be great if we could just keep our homes and our worlds clean and uncluttered all year round, but the reality is that life … Continue reading Spring Cleaning of the Soul

Where is God when I’m Depressed?

Depressed. Alone. Defeated. How many times have you trudged through your day under the heavy burden of these feelings? For me, it has been far too many to count. If you have walked this journey, or are currently walking it, then you’ve probably found yourself many times asking, “Where is God in all of this?” … Continue reading Where is God when I’m Depressed?

Through the Faded Reflection (Fix Your Eyes on Jesus)

Nothing speaks to my heart like a good object lesson—particularly when that object lesson comes to me out of the blue, almost as if God were downloading it straight from his heart into mine as I take in the world around me. Let me give you an example from a recent experience. I was sitting … Continue reading Through the Faded Reflection (Fix Your Eyes on Jesus)

Walk Through the Open Doors

Each day this month I will be answering one question from these December Journal Prompts. Day 29: Next year I’d like to improve my mental health by… Next year I’d like to improve my mental health by taking my own advice. I’ve spent the past month reflecting on a truly amazing year. I’ve highlighted countless areas … Continue reading Walk Through the Open Doors

Say No to Negativity

Not long ago, Ryan and I discussed how some of our recent conversations had taken on an unnecessarily negative tone. Ryan, in particular, has always been a passionate advocate for taking a positive outlook on life, and so this was a strange place to find ourselves in. It wasn’t that either of us had intentionally been steering our conversations in a downbeat direction, but somehow, it seemed we had wandered off the more positive path without realizing it.