3 Helpful Habits that Improved My Mental Health This Year

In the past I have had to be very intentional about the methods and activities I have engaged in to help my mental health thrive. Over the course of this year, I found I was spending much less time thinking about this and more time just living it! I think this means that taking care of myself is become more habitual for me, and I think that’s cool!

Keep Walking.

Today is the final day of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week for 2018 in Canada. As I sat pondering my past this morning, some words came to mind that I wrote back in 2003. I was in the thick of my battle with binge/purge type anorexia, and during this season of my life things were … Continue reading Keep Walking.

Pursuing the Dream, and Not letting “Normal” Slow Me Down

Life has been so busy lately, as usual. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to say that anymore at all. The reality is that “busy” is not only my normal nowadays, but pretty much everyone else’s normal too. When people ask me how things are going, I often say, “it’s been busy.” But really, could … Continue reading Pursuing the Dream, and Not letting “Normal” Slow Me Down

From the Comfort of My Prison Cell

Sometimes living with mental illness feels like a life sentence in jail. You become a prisoner of your own mind, and you slowly lose your ability to function in the outside world. All you know is the four walls of your prison cell. Anything outside of that becomes foreign, distant, confusing, and even more worrisome … Continue reading From the Comfort of My Prison Cell

Recovery: More than Luck

Have you ever heard of someone who has experienced total recovery in their life and thought to yourself, “Wow, they’re so lucky”? Maybe you were struggling with the mental illness or addiction that this person had overcome, but instead of finding hope in their story, you just looked at them as though they were one … Continue reading Recovery: More than Luck

5 Action Steps to Help You Embrace Vulnerability

Over the past month and a half since I started Braver Than Before, I have had countless people commend me for the openness and vulnerability that I have displayed through this platform. My goal with this blog has always been to write about my life and my struggles with as much transparency as possible, because … Continue reading 5 Action Steps to Help You Embrace Vulnerability

Anxiety: Is There Life Beyond the Nightmare?

Have you ever had one of those dreams that seems to happen somewhere halfway between waking and sleeping? It comes to you in a hazy dreamlike state, but strangely in it, you find yourself in your own room, in your own bed, and convinced that what you are experiencing in the dream is really happening … Continue reading Anxiety: Is There Life Beyond the Nightmare?