Braver Than Before: One Year Later

One year ago yesterday I embarked on a new journey to become Braver Than Before. In the past year I have taken leaps and bounds in my battle against fear and anxiety, and have grown in so many ways that it is impossible to even identify them all! I am so grateful for all that … Continue reading Braver Than Before: One Year Later

I Didn’t Just Survive… I Grew!

Today is a great day! I am at home, finally enjoying some rest and relaxation after an insanely busy week. Yesterday’s event was a huge success, and I feel like breathing a giant sigh of relief—relief that it went well, relief that it was well attended (by nearly 400 people), and relief that it is … Continue reading I Didn’t Just Survive… I Grew!

Looking Back and Moving Forward

I started Braver Than Before just over one month ago and it has been an absolutely amazing journey! Since my first post, has been viewed over 6500 times by people in 50 countries around the globe! I am utterly humbled and so deeply honoured by these statistics. When I started out on this venture, … Continue reading Looking Back and Moving Forward

Last Night I Lost It, But Today I am Thankful

Last night anxiety hit hard. My heart started pounding, my thoughts started racing, and within minutes I felt like I was about to throw up. A stressful, fearful thought had been triggered, and all of a sudden I felt out of control. I lost focus on my previous activity and started obsessing over the trigger. … Continue reading Last Night I Lost It, But Today I am Thankful