Fearless Friday: Not Good Enough

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am excited to welcome a guest post by friend and fellow blogger, Katrina Hamel. In today’s post, Katrina shares about how she is refusing to let fear and insecurity hold her back from using her God-given gifts. I hope it will encourage you to do the same! For more inspiration … Continue reading Fearless Friday: Not Good Enough

Fearless Friday: Learning to Drive

Today I am honored to welcome a guest post by Sarah Poulsen, blogger at Dates and Deployments. In her post, Sarah shares the triumphant story of her journey to overcome her fear of learning how to drive. Way to go, Sarah! When most people first get their learners license, they are mostly excited and a … Continue reading Fearless Friday: Learning to Drive

Fearless Friday: The Big Change

It’s Fearless Friday once again, and I am slightly embarrassed that I have only posted once since the last Fearless Friday entry! Things have been crazy and busy here in Rwanda, but we are enjoying our time and I look forward to updating you some more soon! In the meantime, I am happy to welcome … Continue reading Fearless Friday: The Big Change

Fearless Friday: Overcoming Ophidiophobia (The Fear of Snakes)

It’s Fearless Friday, and I am very pleased to welcome my first guest post by Addison D’Marko. Addison is a blogger at AddisonDmarko.com, and I must admit that the story of triumph she has chosen to share today hits very close to home. Being someone who struggles with a severe case of Ophidiophobia, I’m inspired … Continue reading Fearless Friday: Overcoming Ophidiophobia (The Fear of Snakes)