Spring Cleaning of the Soul

Spring cleaning. It’s that time of year when garage doors open, rakes come out, closets get decluttered, and floors are polished to a sparkling shine… well, in theory, anyway! It would be great if we could just keep our homes and our worlds clean and uncluttered all year round, but the reality is that life … Continue reading Spring Cleaning of the Soul


Today is my due date! And while I’d really rather be in the hospital giving birth at this moment, I am perfectly content with where things are at. I have come a long way over the past nine months, and today I can honestly say that I am at peace. I trust God’s timing. I … Continue reading Ready.

Fearless Friday: Learning to Drive

Today I am honored to welcome a guest post by Sarah Poulsen, blogger at Dates and Deployments. In her post, Sarah shares the triumphant story of her journey to overcome her fear of learning how to drive. Way to go, Sarah! When most people first get their learners license, they are mostly excited and a … Continue reading Fearless Friday: Learning to Drive

Wednesday Wisdom: When Risk and Instinct Collide

Life is full of major decisions and big, scary choices. This is a significant battle for someone who struggles with anxiety and chronic indecisiveness. If you read Aviation Procrastination a few weeks ago, you will know that even after Ryan and I were approved for the time off to go on a trip to Africa … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: When Risk and Instinct Collide

5 Steps to Escaping the Trap of Guilty Anxiety

One of the foremost causes of anxiety in my life right now is feelings of guilt. I have never really learned how to properly process guilt and deal with it in a healthy way. This creates a lot of problems for me, considering the fact that I struggle so much with moral perfectionism and scrupulosity … Continue reading 5 Steps to Escaping the Trap of Guilty Anxiety